Our Partners

About Good Cycles – What They Do

Good Cycles is a social enterprise founded by Loretta Curtin and Luke Wright in 2013 with a mission to give a helping hand to those with genuine and often serious barriers to getting ahead in life.

They work with those experiencing disadvantage from a range of communities – including at-risk youth, the long-term unemployed, the disengaged and socially isolated, alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres, youth justice and prisons, and refugees and asylum seekers.

Employment and training are provided through a series of structured programs with the goal of boosting confidence, increasing social connections & transitioning individuals into long-term gainful employment.

If you’d like to learn more about what they do you can visit their website.

Good Cycles and Melbourne Bike Share

In a nutshell, Good Cycles are the front line of Melbourne Bike Share. They operate all seven days of the week, ensuring the scheme is running smoothly and safely.

This involves:

  • Re-distributing & re-allocating bikes in response to demand
  • Distributing and replacing courtesy helmets on stations
  • Delivering helmets to our participating retailers
  • Performing on-site trouble shooting & maintenance of docking stations
  • Performing on-site trouble shooting & maintenance of bicycles
  • Maintenance & repair of bikes at the warehouse
  • Support for events & promotions
  • Recovery & restoration of lost bikes
good cycles bike rack mbs

The Melbourne Bike Share scheme would grind to a halt without the work of Good Cycles – so we are very grateful for the invaluable service they provide.