FAQs for Bike Rental Options in Melbourne

Who can use the Melbourne Bike Share system?

You have to be at least 15 years of age and measure at least 1.25 metres in height to use the Melbourne Bike Share. Users who are minors (15 - 17 years) must be subscribed by their legal guardians and remain under their responsibility.

The station I’ve arrived at is full and my time is almost up. What do I do?

Despite our best efforts occasionally stations become full. If you find that this has happened, use your Melbourne Bike Share Key (credit card for casual users) to identify yourself at the station to receive an extra 15 minutes – enough time to ride to the next.

If you have the app on your smart phone you’ll be able to check live updates as to which stations are full and how many docks are free at other stations.

Download the app or check out our map online.

I hired more than one bike however only one unlocking code displayed?

When you purchase a bike rental subscription and select ‘print code’ only the first code will print. The screen will tell you to input the code and take out the bike however if you have hired multiple bikes the screen will change within about 10 seconds with instructions on how to access the codes for the other bikes. You have 5 minutes to unlock a bike/s before the code/s expires.

Keep an eye out for this and you’ll be cycling in no time.

I found a helmet!

We no longer offer a $3 rebate. If you find a helmet, you have two options:

Put it on a bike at any one of our bike stations or hand it to one of our retail partners where it will be sent to be recycled.

What is the security deposit for?

A pre-authorization security deposit of $10 (per bike) is placed on your credit card for the bike you hire. This holds $10 on your credit card that you cannot spend, as security in the event there is a problem with the bike/s you have rented.

The $10 deposit is charged once per pass purchased.

All Users can unlock and dock bikes anytime day or night. Daily rider's subscriptions expire 24 hours after purchase.

How long until I get my security deposit refunded back?

Melbourne Bike Share (MBS) does not control the length of how long the funds are held as this is controlled by your bank. The time that it takes to release this ‘hold’ varies between banking institutions and from our experience the can be anywhere between 3 – 10 business days.

Why have I been charged extra usage fees?

When a daily subscription is purchased, it gives you the access to the system for a 24 hour period. This does not mean you can take the bike/s out for continuous 24 hour period without re-docking.

You can take as many trips as you like but each trip needs to be within 30 minutes. If any trip exceeds this threshold or the bike has not been re-docked correctly then you will incur extra charges as per the pricing table outlines at all of the MBS stations

Remember, short trips, less charges, more fun!

University and school requests for information

Melbourne Bike Share support students in their research where possible, however, please note that much of our operating information is commercial in confidence, therefore financial and ridership information cannot be released. If you feel your research may be of benefit to MBS, please ask your Professor or Course Coordinator to submit a request with background into the research project to info@melbournebikeshare.com.au and we will reveiw.

What we can share:

  • Number of bikes in the scheme
  • Accordion content Number of stations
  • Location of stations
  • General ranges of costs to set up a station.

Good luck with your studies.

My bike is broken.

Oh no, sorry to hear that please either call us on 1300 711 590 or dock the bike and press the red key to let our technicians know we need to repair it.

My bike was stolen. What do I do now?

Report it!

Contact your nearest police station to report the bike as stolen and advise our customer contact centre on 1300 711 590. If you contact us and report we can ensure that you won't be charged for excess usage or loss and damage.


Melbourne Bike Share is operated in Australia by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) Limited.
The RACV Privacy Charter is available online in pdf format.