Albert Park Lake Loop Bike Ride

Do a pleasant loop of this beautiful lake on off-road trails. Cycle your blue bike alongside the route of the Australian Grand Prix

A bike tour of Melbourne’s best inner city park

Once a year, Albert Park is the location of the Australian Grand Prix, but for locals, it’s an everyday oasis of peace in the middle of the city for walking, running or exercising their dogs. Ride right on the shore of the lake and stop at one of the waterfront cafes. This bike ride includes an iconic view of the Melbourne skyline across the lake.

Albert Park in Melbourne is home to the Australian Grand Prix

Essential Information

  • Distance: 5km
  • Duration: 20 mins
  • Surface: Off-road on dirt trails shared with pedestrians.
  • Start: In front of Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) on Old Aughtie Drive.
  • Finish: Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC).
  • Eat/drink: Carousel Café, Boatshed Café or Sun Kitchen on the waterfront of Albert Park Lake.

The view of Melbourne across Albert Park Lake from the south shore is best enjoyed first thing in the morning or at sunset when the light is just perfect.

Riding a Melbourne Bike Share bicycle on a sunny day

Bike Ride Notes

From MSAC, cross Aughtie Road on to the Lake Path by Coot Picnic Area. Heading clockwise around the lake, you will first come to a series of boatsheds, a restaurant and café and jetty. Looking out over the lake you can see Gunn Island. This and the lake’s other two islands are important habitats for migratory birds such as the Great Egret, the White‐throated Needletail and the Sacred Ibis. You’re also likely to see Black Swans, Pacific Black Ducks, pelicans, coots and cormorants.

Continuing past the boatsheds you will see a series of ponds on the edge of the lake. These ponds filter pollution from the stormwater that runs off the city during Melbourne’s notorious heavy showers. On your left is the golf course and the road you can see is part of the Australian Grand Prix circuit.

Continue along the trail to the southern shore of the lake. This is good place to stop to enjoy a superb view of Melbourne’s city skyline with the lake in the foreground. If you’re here at sunset or sunrise, the colours are simply gorgeous (weather permitting).

The trail continues on for another 1.5km before coming to the Carousel Café, which is a good place to stop and watch Black Swans against the backdrop of a pleasant lake view.

You’re now just a few minutes from the bike docking station at MSAC. Turn off the path when you pass two islands just offshore of the lake. Cross Aughtie Drive and you’ll see MSAC.

Riding a Melbourne Bike Share bicycle on a sunny day

Getting There and Away

Catch the number 12 tram from Collins Street in the CBD or St Kilda. It stops at the corner of Albert Road and Aughtie Drive. It’s a three minute walk to the bike share docking station from there. Alternatively, catch the number 96 from Bourke Street in the CBD or St Kilda. Get off at MSAC Light Rail.

Riding a Melbourne Bike Share bicycle on a sunny day

Extend Your Bike Ride

Bay Trail to St Kilda (add 30 minutes / 6km)

Cycle down to the Bay Trail and enjoy the thrill of riding past Melbourne’s famous beaches to St Kilda. You can get to the foreshore cycle path by cycling along Albert Street from MSAC after your lake loop and then straight on down Kerferd Road. It’s 2km to the Bay Trail and a further 3.5km to St Kilda, where you can leave you blue bike at Luna Park. 

Interactive Map

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