About our Bike Hire Service in Melbourne

What is Bike Sharing?

Bike sharing is growing in popularity as a means of public transportation, where a number of bikes are made available for shared use amongst individuals who do not own any of the bikes. As of December 2009, there were over 90 programs in approximately 135 cities around the world with an estimated 86,000 bikes on four continents and another 45 programs planned in 22 nations in 2009-2010.

Why are we doing this?

The Melbourne Bike Share’s mission is to build a safer, fairer and greener transport system for all Victorians. Melbourne Bike Share is part of the Department of Transport’s focus on delivering transport improvements to Victoria. Bike sharing is a more sustainable, healthy, and community-based transport option. Our bike hire service in Melbourne makes it easy to explore the city in a healthy and affordable way.

What are the objectives of Melbourne Bike Share?

The aim of the Melbourne Bike Share is to provide a Public Bicycle System for workers, commuters, residents, students, and visitors to inner Melbourne.

The objectives of Melbourne Bike Share are:

  1. to support the Victorian Government’s goals for social sustainability within an integrated public transport system;
  2. to provide a viable sustainable transport alternative for inner Melbourne which will help relieve crowding on the transport systems in the inner city and assist in managing the growth of travel demands in Melbourne;
  3. to assist in the promotion of cycling for trips under 10 kilometres in and around central Melbourne;
  4. to extend the reach of the public transport system, particularly at the "destination" end, as cycling provides an option that is faster than walking and more flexible than trams and other route-based public transport;
  5. to aid the promotion and growth of cycling mode share, in order to contribute to positive health and well-being benefits for Victorians; and
  6. to assist State and Local Government in reaching targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.